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Krishnadevaraya Aid for Poor & Underprivileged
          Tulasi House, # 6-4-6, Arundelpet 4/5, Guntur - 522002, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Coastal Packaging’s (1977) :

Since inception, it has introduced & developed many innovative packagings in the market. First company to manufacture and supply chick boxes in Andhra Pradesh. Today the total no. of employees working in Coastal packagings is 112. The company secured ISO 9001:2008 certifications for its quality management system.

Chandra Transport ( 1978) :

Established with an intention of prompt and assured delivery within stipulated time, with a fleet of 23 trucks by employing 60 persons.

Chaitanya Packagings Pvt. Ltd., (1985) :

CPPL is a corrugated boxes manufacturing unit started with much larger infrastructure to manufacture heavy duty export quality boxes for export tobacco mainly. CPPL is the only company in AP which has full-fledged R&D and quality testing laboratory. Through R&D the company could develop The Best in the World quality boxes for export of tobacco to foreign countries. The company is employing 302 persons and it has secured ISO 9001:2008 certifications for its quality management system.

Tulasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd., (1992) :

Incorporated in 1992 in a humble way, have become today, leading producers of Hybrid Cotton Seeds. The company’s R&D facility with its latest seed testing laboratory has been approved by Dept.of Scientific & Industrial Research (Ministry of Science & Technology), New Delhi. The company has launched Biotechnology by setting up a biotechnology lab with latest imported equipment. The company is also going for Tissue Culture laboratory to produce high vigor Banana Plants, Teak Plants etc. The company is employing 200 persons and it has secured ISO 9001:2008 certifications for its quality management system.

Tulasiram Chits & Finance Pvt. Ltd., (1995) :

Incorporated in 1995 with a turnover of 3crores every year. The company is employing 20 persons.

Tulasi Filing Systems (2002) :

Incorporated in 2002 for manufacturing Office Stationery like files, folders, note books, scribbling pads etc. The company is employing 120 persons.

Tulasi Digital Studios (2004) :

Incorporated in 2004, to meet the needs of people in Guntur and surrounding towns for printing flex & vinyl banners for large size hoardings with a special focus on quality. It is employing 30 persons.

Krishnadeveraya Aid for Poor & Underprivileged (2006) :

Distribution of scholarships to the poor and needy persons to promote the education for the deserving candidates.

Tulasi Technosoft Pvt. Ltd., (2006) :

Established to process oriented approach towards Software Development and Business Execution with a strong project management skills. The company is employing 30 software engineers.

Diehard Dies Pvt. Ltd., (2007) :

Established to produce the Rotary Dies for corrugated boxes (Laser cut with CAD Software), Flat Dies, Stripping Dies, Blanking Dies, Pertinex Dies, Special Steel Counter Plates for folding cartons & e-flute cartons, steel flexible dies for label cutting and embossing dies with Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Brass. This company is employing 104 employees.

Impecsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (2007) :

To meet the more applications in software, it has started and provided employment to another 30 software engineers.

Tulasi Townships Pvt. Ltd., (2008) :

The cost of land which is increasing day by day and is not in reachable position to the economically poor and backward communities to fulfill their own house dream. To give a sprit to them, the Chairman has started this township to arrange the plots and group house constructions to the weaker sections on no-profit and no-loss basis. This company is employing 12 employees.

Donghai Packaging Machinery Pvt. Ltd., (2009) :

Under this establishment we supply Semi-automatic and automatic latest multi-color flexo printers, slotting-creasing machines, rotary die cutting machines, auto stackers, semi-automatic flap gluing machines, semi-automatic stitching machines to corrugated board & box making industries in India. All these machines are being made in China. This company is employing 56 persons.

Krishnadevaraya Aid For Poor & Underprivileged
Tulasi House, # 6-4-6, Arundelpet 4/5, Guntur - 522002, Andhra Pradesh, India
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